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10ft Budget Handmade 16 plait leather Bullwhip

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The bullwhip is a single-tailed whip, usually made of braided leather, which was originally used as a stockman’s tool for working with livestock.

Bullwhips are agricultural tools, traditionally used to control livestock in open country. A bullwhip's length, flexibility, and tapered design allows it to be thrown in such a way that, toward the end of the throw, part of the whip exceeds the speed of sound—thereby creating a small sonic boom.

A bullwhip consists of a handle section, a thong, a fall, and a cracker. The main portion of the bullwhip's length is made up of a braided body or thong. Made of many strips of leather, the number of braids or plaits is an important factor in the construction of the whip. Unlike in the stock whip, the thong connects in line with the handle (rather than with a joint), or sometimes completely covers the handle. The handle is usually short, being between 8 and 12 inches long

A fall is a single piece of leather between 10 and 30 inches in length which needs to be replaced as it wears, to do this you will require a fid tool. It was traditionally made to be replaceable and to take the wear and tear of dragging on the ground when on horse back as it is much easier to replace a solid piece of leather than to re-plait the whip. Tied to the end of the flexible fall, is an even more flexible piece of string or nylon cord or wire called the cracker. The cracker functions to disperse the sound so it can be heard more easily, these do wear out under the stress and will need to be replaced. Cracking a whip causes wear to the cracker, and well used whips frequently require new crackers. Please note the colour of your whip may vary from the picture.

For more information visit our website www.whiplashbullwhips.co.uk

Cowhide Whip Make-up
Whips are 3 core cowhide
Solid leather core
Inner bolster of 6 plait leather
Outer is 16 plait

We offer a substantial discount for extras purchased with your whip, use the drop down options below to choose which extras you require. If you are buying from outside the EU (ie USA, Canada, Australia etc) you will not pay 20% UK tax (6ft - £70.83, 8ft - £74.99, 10ft - £83.33, 12ft - £99.99).

Belt Holder - Ideal for keeping your whip handy attached to your belt.
Fall - The fall is the section of the whip that is used to strike or cut the target and they can wear out. It is advisable to use a Fid when replacing the fall.

Fid - The tool you will need to replace the fall.
Crackers - The cracker is the section of the whip that creates the sonic boom and does wear out with use. These are made of nylon and will fit any whip.
Leather Dressing - To avoid your whip drying out you need to apply a small amount of leather dressing on a regular basis.

"Received my 12' bullwhip today, it was worth waiting for I am amazed at the quality for the price thank you very much I am sure we will be doing business again, as quality suppliers are very hard to find and I should know as a retired quality control engineer."

Don Grabinski

Some of our recent bullwhip customers include:
RSC - The Royal Shakespeare Company
Cloud Atlas - New film starring Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant
Batman Live Tour - Catwomans whips
Versace - Photo shoot
Poker Stars - Advert
Dancing On Ice - Props week


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