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£149.99 JUNIOR Xmas Gift Package - Worth £212.94

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Entry level target crossbow and ideal for juniors as the 40lb draw provides enough power for 25-30 yard targets but with the added advantage of an easy cocking pull and a light frame. This lower draw weight is ideal for activity centres and shooting ranges. The 40lb version is ideal for the beginner and can be used in competition as the draw weight falls within the competition requirements. Ideal for use indoors or in the garden and the addition of a backstop net you can shoot safely at 20- 30 yards.on for use where space is limited,

Draw Weight - 40lb
Speed - 115 feet per second
Power Stroke - 10"
Energy - 25.7 ft/lbs
Weight - 5.85lbs
Type - Recurve
Finish - Plastic

Package Includes
Jaguar Cub 40lb Crossbow £99.99
Shot Stoppa Cube Target £15.00
5 Extra Bolts (7 in total) £17.99
4 x 32 Multi Recticle Scope & Mounts £34.99
String/Rail Wax £24.99
Spare String £14.99
2 Limb Tips £4.99
Total Value £212.94

Our Price: £149.99 inc VAT£124.99 excl VAT
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