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Finally a competition crossbow owners can enter without having to purchase specialist equipment.  5 events a year shooting at 3D Targets (all in excellent condition), spread around the country.  Each event has two main competitions, UDC (Unknown Distance Competition) and the KDC (Known Distance Competition) - archers can choose to shoot in one, the other or both competitions.  There are also some side competitions that run alongside main ones.  A Long Shot Comp and a K50 Comp, plus a Shooter of the Year League and have Practice Bag targets and 3D Targets at every event.

* ANY crossbow allowed provided the speed does not exceed 330fps (help can be provided for reducing the speed of your crossbow)
* Cocking aids allowed 
* Range finders allowed (on known distance shoots)
* 5 competitions a year

Why Participate in the 3DA UK National Series​

These Events are designed to be all about the archery and camaraderie.  If you like shooting your bow then this is for you.  

3DA events are not instead of FITA, NFAS or EFAA competitions, they are as well as. They are a different format and it is hoped it will encourage more people to take part and stay in this amazing sport.

3DA will use modern, up to date rules where good shooting, form and technique will be encouraged and luck will play a smaller role in who excels.  

Less walking, more shooting. Patience and respect for other archers and the styles they chose to shoot.  

Rules and regulations will be reviewed every year and 3DA will adjust to keep up with what it considers to be the best format available.

3DA will host 5 Pro/Am Events each year.  They will be archery filled weekends open to all archers that register with 3DA and hold a current Archery Association Membership.  

The events will be spread around the country.  Each Pro/Am Event will be a separate competition but there will be a  "Shooter of the Year" Championship, which will be a culmination of your best results from 3 of these events.  So the more you do the better.

A good selection of Shooting styles and classes will be available.  Traditional, Recurve, Compound and Crossbows are all welcome.  

There will be the opportunity to shoot in "Known" and "Unknown" Distance Competitions.  So even if you haven't shot 3D archery before there will be something to suit you.  Amateur classes will compete for great trophies/medals.  Whilst the Pro classes will compete for a share in the large cash prize fund generated by the Pro Subs they have paid when entering the event.

3DA has even considered those that can't give up an entire weekend for archery.  As the main UDC competition will only take 3 1/2 hours to complete, and the the main KDC competition will only take 3 hours to complete, competitors will have plenty of free time to do other activities on and off site.  Many chose to take part in one of the many side events, such as the TAC K-50 and K-30 Known Distance Competitions or spend time shooting the 3D practice targets and or the bag targets, or looking around the trade stands, or watching and supporting other archers who are still competing, etc.  These are not a requisite for attending the events, so once you have competed in your main Pro/Am Competition you are free to go, or you can stay and play some more. The choice is yours.

Courses will be compact and relatively easy terrain to walk round. You will be able to see and share the experience of shooting your course with your peers as you will be grouped according to your style, class and level of shooting.

Maximum Distances will be such that it will be more of a case of "where" you hit the target as opposed to "if" you hit the target. The use of Binoculars will be encouraged.

The format for these events has been taken mainly from the ever popular ASA events in the USA and will be different from anything you have ever done in the UK so come and take part.   

These events are all inclusive, so not matter what your shooting ability you are welcome.  


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