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Air Sabre UK Modified Version

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The UK Modified Air Sabre currently does not require an firearms certificate due to the way it launches the arrow (the arrow fits over the launch tube 'spigot' not in it 'barrel'). The legality of this method has been confirmed by firearms officers and a full report on the similar Benjamin Airbow from one of the UK's leading firearms expert confirming this will be provided with your Air Sabre should you need to prove it's legality to those less knowledgeable. This report is ONLY available with Air Sabres purchased from Outdoorhobbies Ltd. 

The UK Modified Air Sabre differs to the standard US one due to the inability of the user to attempt to fire any object from inside the spigot, in the end of the UK Version the spigot is barred so NOTHING can be inserted and then fired. Despite this being incredibly stupid, potentially dangerous and explicitly warned against in the manual some believed users of the standard US version would be insane enough to ignore all common sense and put themselves in harms way by doing this. The UK modified version now totally removes this possibility without effecting performance. The modification also makes the Airbow legal in other countries such as Germany.

The NEW Umarex® AirSaber™ is an all-new category with no strings attached. Driven by air and equipped with full length arrows, it is the most technologically intense arrow rifle introduced for 2020. It’s “stacked” for scoped performance with Umarex Technologies including Quick Valve Release™, PCP Release™, High Pressure Shaft™, Adapta Point™, and Straight Flight™ technologies. The combination of these Umarex Technologies ensures maximum impact and accuracy at over 450 feet per second and 169 fpe.

Introducing the NEW Umarex® AirSaber™ PCP powered arrow rifle featuring innovative technology by Umarex USA. We wanted to deliver more of the features you expect with a modern rifle with one exception, it shoots arrows. The AirSaber comes equipped with 3 Umarex Arrows with Straight Flight™ Technology, all-weather stock, and integrated Picatinny rail. Driven by a 3625 psi tank of air, the Umarex AirSaber will deliver 25 effective shots per fill. 

Quick Valve Release Technology™ creates a streamlined airflow from the PCP tank to the high-pressure air tube. This allows for less energy displacement and gives you the maximum power needed for every shot.

Straight Flight Technology™ Arrows receive energy directly to the front of the arrow unlike conventional arrows. This allows the energy to drive the arrow straight without bending, holding true to the statement “straight as an arrow.”

PCP Release Technology™ delivers highly accurate, consistent, and virtually recoil-free shooting. With up to 3625 psi of compressed air, it over delivers on kinetic foot pound energy for the toughest game.

Umarex® Arrows accept screw-in field tips and broadheads for ultimate adaptability when target practicing, 3D shooting, big game hunting, or small game hunting.

HPS Technology™ allows Umarex® AirSaber™ Arrows to withstand up to 3625 psi of compressed air inside the carbon fiber, glass shafts. Max pressure, max strength, plus max foot pounds of kinetic energy equals a devastating shot.


  • Bolt Action pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) arrow rifle
  • Powered by 3625 psi of compressed air
  • Includes foster quick disconnect air filling probe
  • Removable Picatinny rails for attaching aftermarket quivers or bi-pod
  • Integrated Picatinny rail for scope mounting
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • All-weather stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Includes 3 Umarex® AirSaber™ Arrows
  • Arrow Shaft Weight: 276 gr
  • Included field tip weight: 100 gr
  • Overall length: 41"
  • Weight without scope: 6.85 lbs
  • Velocity: 450 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 169 fpe

* Please note the scope shown is NOT included

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