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Benjamin Airbow UK Modification Service

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This is only available for Airbows purchased from Outdoorhobbies Limited with a UK address.

If you own a standard US Benjamin Airbow it is legal in the UK but due to the possibility, however stupid, of loading a very small object down the spigot it is possible that in the future this could be challenged. The challenge is not guaranteed to change the legal status of the Airbow but we are not taking any chances and all new ones we sell from 1st March 2019 will include the modification.

The UK Modified Airbow differs to the standard US one due to the inability of the user to attempt to fire any object from inside the spigot, in the end of the UK Version the spigot is barred so NOTHING can be inserted and then fired. Despite this being incredibly stupid, potentially dangerous and explicitly warned against in the manual some believed users of the standard US version would be insane enough to ignore all common sense and put themselves in harms way by doing this. The UK modified version now totally removes this possibility without effecting performance.

The modification is a simple process but we understand not everybody is capable of carrying out the work required so we are offering this service to anyone who has purchased an Airbow from us in the past. You simply return your Airbow to us (please send by courier and insured) and we will carry out the modification and return it to you. We will provide the address to return your Airbow when you place your order.

Please allow a 2 week turnaround on this service.
Our Price: £24.99 inc VAT£20.83 excl VAT
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Note: Customers from NON EU countries do not pay UK TAX you pay the excl VAT price.

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