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Bowtech Crossbows

Various companies have made a business in delivering crossbow and arrow products to shooters and archers.  Josh Strasheim and a partner started to create a few bows in 1999 marking the foundation of BowTech Archery. On December of 2002, BowTech Archery brought together all of its manufacturing facilities and corporate offices into a 65,000 square-foot building on the outlying areas of Eugene, Oregon. BowTech Archery’s building also includes a Factory Pro Shop.. BowTech made a strategic move for company growth by acquiring Diamond Archery on September of 2004. BowTech is committed to giving customers excellent products. For this to realize, BowTech has invested on the design, engineering, and manufacturing processes including research and development. The company offers a lifetime warranty on its products as part of its customer care program.

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