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Bresser LR800 Crossbow Range Finding System

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If you are a hunter or an archer, you know how helpful it can be to measure the distance to a target. Bresser laser rangefinders can do just that, and once you incorporate this nifty tool into your sport or hobby, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Laser rangefinders work by pulsing a narrow laser beam out to whatever you point it at, and collecting the light when it bounces back. Calculations are made based on the length of time it takes for the beam to make the trip, and then you see the results on an LCD screen. Other than that one important difference, rangefinders are similar to a monocular or binoculars. The user looks through one end, called the eyepiece, and the larger end collects the light, so the size of the optics, listed in millimeters, is an important factor. Rangefinders also have magnification built into them, and it is usually relatively low-powered in comparison to some binoculars so that your target stays bright, you have a wider field of view, and you can hand-hold the rangefinder without too much shake or movement.

To meet individual needs, TrueView model options cover a variety of ranges, view angles and barrel designs.
The most affordable option in the Bresser TrueView line is the 4x21 LR800 Rangefinder. Its three-barrel design means that, in addition to the optics tube, the device has two other barrels. One sends out a laser beam that bounces off the intended reflective target. Almost instantaneously, the other barrel receives the returning beam, and the measurements are calculated. Designed to accurately measure distances of up to 800 yards, the LR800 rangefinder has a 21 mm objective lens, 4x magnification, 12mm of eye relief and an 8 degree view angle. The device operates off a 9-volt battery and has a lens cover to protect the eyepiece.

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