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Crossbow Training Courses

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Please call us for further information (price on application)

Do you need some professional training for your staff on all aspects of crossbows from safety, using the equipment correctly, dealing with customers through to basic maintenance of the equipment. Our staff have many years of experience training in the activity and corporate sector and are proficient with all crossbow variants. Training can be tailored to the individual location and requirements, a schedule of a typical session is laid out below. We can also provide you with the structure you would need for a successful and entertaining crossbow experience for your customers as our trainers have years of experience running their own events. The price is based on the one day course below (travelling expenses are extra) and not subject to the 20% trade discount. All attendees will receive a certificate valid for 12 months.

Crossbow Awareness Course Max Group size 15
Training Day Schedule

Introductions, Skills assessments, coffee and outline of the days work and the projected outcomes.
Detailed examination of the crossbow, required kit, assembly, safety checks, maintainance, bolt checking, string changing.  Differences.
Safety and the customer

  •             Where are the danger zones of the weapon
  •             How are they eliminated?
  •             Danger zones of shooting
  •             How to eliminate them

Trainees will pair up and undergo practical (role play) customer handling
Techniques of shooting.
As with all entertainment activities, the person running an event has to be actually GOOD at it. Good shooting technique, mini competition between the attendees. Coaching on an individual basis where required. 
Coffee and discussions/questions about areas and items attendees would like to cover.
End and certificate presenting

Please call us for further information (price on application)
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