Q. Why are you giving away free targets?
A. We have been selling crossbows for over 12 years and the target is the most important accessory yet very few customers buy one. We have created the Shot Stoppa targets to provide a safe reliable boss for all our customers to use and not rely on unsuitable items such as straw bales and mattresses. For more information on the free targets click here.
Q. What target do I get?
A. The target depends on the crossbow you order but you can upgrade in the product options and you will receive an upgrade if you add the starter kit to your order.
Q. How much is shipping?
A. We have now put a shipping guide on all crossbows to show the worldwide shipping rates but you can place a test order on any product and it will show the shipping charge before you have to pay. Shipping to the UK for orders over £150 is FREE.
Q. I have not received a confirmation email for my order.
A. The emails are automatically sent from the website, the problem could be an incorrect email provided when you placed your order. 
Q. Is it possible to re string my compound crossbow myself?
A. Yes but you will need a bow press, you can find the details here.
Q. Can I have my order delivered to an alternative address?
A. Yes of course simply enter the shipping address in the space provided when completing the checkout process.
Q. Will someone receiving my order on my behalf know what is in the packaging?
A. No all or shipments are descretely wrapped with just your address details visable.
Q. Will I be notified of my delivery date?
A. Yes if you are a UK customer you will receive an email from the website with your delivery date and an email from the courier with your delivery reference number, if you are ordering from outside of the UK you will receive an email with tracking details for your order.
Q. Are you based in the UK?
A. Yes we are based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Q. Do I need a licence to own a crossbow or archery bow in the UK?
A. No it is legal to own any kind of bow but you must be over 18 years of age.
Q. Can I use a crossbow if I am under 18?
A. You can use any crossbow as long as you are supervised by an adult of 18 years or over.
Q. Is there any legal limit to the power of a crossbow?
A. No you can own any crossbow in the UK as long as you are 18 years or over.
Q. How quickly will I receive my order?
A. We aim to dispatch your items within 12 hours of recieving your order (usually same day).
Q. Is my payment secure?
A. We use Clearaccept and Sagepay which are 100% safe (we do not use Paypal).
Q: What is the difference between compound and recurve?
A: Please refer to our crossbow information page.
Q. Do you have any videos on using a crossbow?
A. There are plenty on the internet and we do have a dedicated crossbow website www.crossbows4u.co.uk
Q: What are the strings made of?
A: The actual main string is made of B-50 dacron and the centre servings are made of 150-pound tensile-strength braided fast-flite. The fast-flite centre serving provides high durability at friction points.
Q: What type of bolts should I use?
A: When using compound, a 20"+ bolt is recommended. When using a recurve a 16" bolt is recommended but you should check with your supplier first.
Q: How long should strings last?
A: With proper maintenance of the string it should last a minimum of 100 shots, with several hundred shots not uncommon. Proper maintenance includes applying lube wax to the area where the string touches the flight track, keeping the flight track surface area free of nicks, gouges, burrs, dirt, debris, etc.
Q: How do I replace a string on a recurve bow?
A: Using the old string follow the same procedure that you would use when using the cable stringer. Insert the new bowstring loops through the loops of the old string and seat over the nock-ends. Check loops, bowstring and new string for proper seating on nock-ends. Grasp new string very tightly while pulling upwards with one hand. Release safety and pull trigger with other hand. You then lower string very slowly. Take off the old string and you are done.
Q: Can I get something to help me cock the crossbow?
A: For 150lbs and over it is advisable to use either a rope cocking device or, if the crossbow supports one, a crank cocking device if you are injured or disabled.
Q: Can all crossbows shoot ball bearings?
A: No a crossbow has to be specifically designed to shoot ball bearings, a tube must run parallel above the rail to hold the ball bearing in place.
Q. How do I find out which is the best crossbow for me you offer so many?
A. Simply ring us and we can determine which is the best model for you based on your requirements and budget.
Q. Can I get parts for my old crossbow.
A. It is possible but it depends on the model and the manufacturer.
Q. Does the draw weight of a crossbow tell me how powerful it is?
A. No it just tells you how much energy is required to cock it, you need to check the velocity in fps.
Q. Can you send a crossbow to me outside the UK?
A. Yes but it is your responsibility to check the law on owning a crossbow in your country of residence.
Q. I would like to upgrade can I sell my current crossbow?
A. Yes we have a second hand section if you purchased your crossbow from us the advert is free, if you sell your old one then purchase your new one from us your advert fee is refunded.
Q. I would like to join a club do you know any in my area?
A. We have a section on our Crossbow Information page that gives you details on how to find your local club.