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Hickory Creek Crossbows

Hickory Creek has been family owned and operated since 1996 by the Goff’s of Saucier, Mississippi. Their patent technology, Draw-Loc Technology, was born in July 1995. It stemmed from ongoing shoulder problems that Jerry Goff was having before a hunting trip. He was having slight difficulty drawing and holding the bow that he was using at the time. He needed something to help him overcome this discomfort, or he was not going to be able to participate in the big hunt. After starting with the idea of holding the string at full draw by using the calipers release head of his wrist release as the trigger, and some careful welding and filing, the improvised string lock was born.

After 4 years of R&D, the New In-Line Draw-Loc was introduced in 2010. This unit was a completely new Draw-Loc design under a completely new Patent Applications. This new In-Line Draw-Loc has a built in foot stirrup, mounting plate, arrow rest plate, a very rigid removable ¾ in” square tubing and a high tech trigger system that contains a hinge style trigger, safety, and anti dry-fire lever. Shortly after the birth of new In-Line Draw-Loc the In-Line Vertical Crossbow was developed, utilizing the In-Line Draw-Loc Trigger System. This little bow was light weight and packed with a punch at very low draw poundage. A trigger extention was added along with a shoulder stock for added stability and support while aming and shooting.

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