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Welcome to our new news page where we will keep you constantly updated on new products, events and general information you may or may not be interested in.

CROSSBOW ARTICLES - It has come to our notice that a group of newspapers (Northern Echo, York Press and Telegraph & Argus) have all written very similar articles stating that crossbows should be banned because they are BAD. The articles include all the usual scare mongering and fear peddling but in each of them there is some very interesting information that completely destroys their whole argument. In total in ALL these areas which is nearly half the country only 23 arrests were made for owning or firing a crossbow in the last 9 years! Yes we are talking 9 years or 2.55 per year for the north of England, to push for a ban based on those figures is absurd and political point scoring. To have a ban there needs to a consultation with the groups effected and these figures will make those pushing for a ban seem petty, uninformed and quite frankly ridiculous. 

SHOT SHOW LAS VEGAS 2018 - We had the opportunity to visit the Shot Show in Vegas this January and what an amazing experience it was nobody does this sort of thing like the Americans. We got to to see the new crossbows from Barnett, Excalibur, Tenpoint, Wicked Ridge and Horton which will all be available soon on the site. First time to Vegas but won't be the last, what a place and what an experience.

CHRISTMAS 2017 - As usual we will be OPEN for business right up until 12pm 22nd December and if the product you order is in stock we can dispatch for collection from your local depot on Saturday 23rd AM. Please feel free to contact us 9am - 8pm every day to check the status of any products you are interested in. This year we have added even better service levels and promotions including:-

* Free UK shipping on orders over £150
* Free UK return shipping of any unwanted items
* Extended return period for returning unwanted items (2nd January 2018)
* Price match promise on all items
* Free 'Shot Stoppa' target with all crossbows
* Free string wax (3 pack) with every crossbow order

BLACK FRIDAY - This year we are running our mega reductions for over a week. It will start 9am on Monday the 20th November and end on the following Monday. These will be genuine reductions of between £100 and £200 on 36 crossbows, the prices will go back up again at the end of the Black Friday promotion.

Huntingcrossbows.co.uk - We are still receiving phone calls about this company despite the numerous warnings we post. They are still up to their old tricks and due to the stupid prices they offer many of you are falling for it, they are crooks remember if it looks too good to be true it generally is. If you have been caught out your best course of action is to visit the Paypal Resolution Centre and report them it is then the duty of Paypal to refund your money. as you will not have received any goods.

Testimonials & Product Reviews (UPDATE) - During a regular check on our reviews on the various independent websites we have come across some absolutely shocking reviews of other websites selling similar products to us. You have to remember that it is not difficult to make a website look professional what really matters is the customer service you receive AFTER you have given them your hard earned money. Avoiding terrible service is very simple:

1. Check the company reviews on sites like Trustpilot (check us here)
2. If they have a Facebook page check their comments
3. Speak to them on the phone - If you cannot contact them DO NOT BUY FROM THEM
4. Always remember that price should not be your primary consideration when purchasing a high quality item

BARNETT GHOST 420 - It's finally here the new Ghost 420 from Barnett Crossbows, an unbelievably fast crossbow that now comes with the zero creep Triggertech system (as do all new Barnetts) making it incredibly accurate and easy to shoot, check it out here

FREE SHIPPING  - After the huge success of offering free shipping we have been able to extend the offer to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany for all orders over £200.

CHRISTMAS 2016 - Has it really been a almost a year since last Christmas? As usual we will be OPEN for business right up until 12pm 23rd December and if the product you order is in stock we are dispatching as late as the 22nd December for AM delivery 23rd December or dispatch 23rd December for AM collection from your local depot on Christmas Eve!! Please feel free to contact us 9am - 8pm every day to check the status of any products you are interested in. This year we have added even better service levels and promotions including:-

* Free UK shipping on orders over £150
* Free UK return shipping of any unwanted items
* Extended return period for returning unwanted items (2nd January)
* Price match promise on all items
* Free 'Shot Stoppa' target with all crossbows
* Special Christmas gift packages

EXCHANGE RATE - Regular visitors will notice that some of the products we sell have gone up in price, sorry about that but as we import a lot of our items the exchange rate is very important and it has come to the point where we cannot absorb any more. We apologise for this as we try to offer the best prices possible but this is something beyond our control and will begin to effect everyone next year as everything begins to go up. We will try to hold on to the prices as long as we can but when the pre Brexit stock is gone the prices on those items will have to reflect the change.

NEW RED BACK PISTOL - Just in the new Hori-zone Red Back self cocking pistol crossbow which simply destroys the current models not only does it acheive 60ft per second faster than the Cobra/Tomcat II it includes a fore grip and very importantly a bow stringer to avoid all those broken prods. The feel and quality are high end and the performance is excellent, have a look by clicking here.

FREE RETURN SHIPPING - For some time we have looked at ways to provide return shipping for those customers who make a genuine mistake and the item(s) they order are not for them. We are now in a positon to offer that free return policy with a very simple process which just involves dropping off the parcel(s) to a local collection point, usually a shop or post office. Now you can order in confidence knowing that if you do get it wrong there is a simple and FREE way to return the unwanted goods. Please check the terms here. The best way to avoid returns is to get the right advice before you buy we are available everyday 9am - 8pm by phone, email or chat, if you are not sure of what you need contact us! 

NEW SHIPPING CHARGES - As well as now offering free UK shipping on orders over £150 we have negotiated some fantastic new contracts with our couriers to offer amazing prices to Europe and the rest of the world. We can now offer our crossbows to Europe for as little as £17.50 and to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man for even less at £15.00! Below is a table showing you the shipping costs for a crossbow (UK is free if order total is over £150), all shipping charges are shown on each product page. The countries shown with a '*' are outside the EU and the 20% UK tax will be deducted at the checkout stage.
United Kingdom Mainland £8.80
Scottish Highlands and Islands (AB, IV, KW, PH, KA, HS, ZE) £10.50
Isle of Wight: Northern Ireland £12.50
Jersey*: Guernsey*: Isle of Man £15.00
Ireland: Germany: Netherlands: France: Italy: Denmark: Belgium £17.50
Monaco*: Luxembourg: Spain (mainland): Sweden: Poland £22.50
Czech Rep: Latvia: Switzerland*: Slovakia: Slovenia: Hungary £25.00
Finland: Austria: Lithuania: Portugal: Estonia: Norway*: Albania* £27.50
Greece: Croatia: Turkey*: Bulgaria: Liechtenstein*: Andorra £32.50
Cyprus: Azerbaijan*: Montenegro*: Macedonia*: Serbia*: Romania £35.00
Belarus*: Georgia*: Moldova*: Kazakhstan*: Armenia*: Iceland* £40.00
Balearic Is: Azores: Maderia: Malta: Bosnia* £40.00
Australia*: New Zealand*: Solomon Islands*: French Polynesia* £60.00

FREE SHIPPING2 - The January free shipping promotion was a huge success so we have decided to permanently offer free shipping on all orders over £150. Once your shopping basket goes over the £150 limit the website will not charge you shipping. This only applies to orders from UK customers but does include Northern Ireland. 

Of all the questions there are two that really stand out and are asked on many many occasions. So many times in fact that we have dug out some videos that should help anyone with these two problems.

I cannot cock my crossbow with the rope cocking device

I am having trouble sighting in my crossbow

FREE SHIPPING - We know that no one likes to pay for shipping but sometimes it is necessary to charge shipping if you are keeping your prices as low as possible. That said we have looked at this option for some time and decided to run a trial in January on EVERY product to UK Mainland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Wight. Depending on how the trial pans out we could introduce free shipping on a permanent basis.

CHRISTMAS 2015 - Today (23rd December) is the last day for Christmas deliveries, YES we can get you items on Christmas EVE (delivery before 12pm) provided they are in stock (please check the product page).

CHRISTMAS 2015 - This has been our busiest Christmas period since we started in 2003 but we are will dispatch all orders in time for the 25th and we are taking orders right up to the 23rd for delivery Christmas Eve morning. We are working 7 days a week at the moment sometimes 12 hour days but we don't mind we really appreciate your business over this festive period. If we don't get another chance to add to the blog, have a happy Christmas and a very good new year. We will be open to contact on the 27th December and you can order on the website all through the Christmas period just in case Santa leaves you some fun money.

FREE TARGETS3 - Had a very interesting conversation recently with an old customer who has an Excalibur Matrix 405 who did not believe the free targets would work with his crossbow. After over an hour he accepted that it was worth trying so we sent him a cube and below is the review he put on Trustpilot. I had every confidence as we have tested the small bag with a Man Kung XB52 at only 10 feet and that was with a 20" aluminium bolts at 370 feet per second!

"Hi to all you crossbow enthusiasts, just a few words regarding the free cube target being supplied by outdoor hobbies. I purchased an Excalibur 405 & found that the bolts were penetrating to the fetching & beyond & I couldn't draw them out very well when using other targets which made me lose confidence  using such a high poundage bow & resulted in it being left hanging on the wall. Anyway I had to order some other bits & explained to Gary what my experience had been, he then suggested using the Cube & filling it with rags, so on arrival I duly filled it with rags & I must just point out you do need quite a lot of rags anything like old clothes,towels, sheets etc. but it must be packed very tight so you can't get anymore in, I even stood on them as I filled it. I then shot the target from 15 yards & to my surprise it worked just fine stopping the bolt. I'm using the Diablo18" with field tip. So save yourselves £££ as the cube works just fine".

FREE TARGETS2 - This has been so successful we are already on our 3rd printing run inside 4 months! We do get a lot of questions about what to fill them with and the answer is any type of material but use plenty of it to the point that you cannot get any more in, the tighter you pack it the better it will stop your bolts.

FREE TARGETS! - Those regular visitors amongst you will have noticed that we are now offering free targets with every crossbow ordered, this is no gimick we were just a little worried about what customers were using to stop these very powerful weapons. Straw bales, mattrasses, doors etc are just not up to the job simply fill the target you receive with your crossbow with rags, duvets, old clothes etc and you are ready to go and the bolt can be retrieved easily with 2 fingers undamaged and ready to use again. Bolts are expensive and easily damaged.
Pre Owned Websites  - We have noticed an increase in crossbows advertised on websites such as Gumtree and Preloved with the seller offering a warranty now is that a they will take care of it for you or a you need to send it back to Taiwan or china warranty. When you buy from a genuine supplier they will take care of any repairs for you within the first 12 months. Just a word of warning but buying anything from an individual is ALWAYS 'sold as seen' they have no legal requirement to provide you with any warranty there is absolutely no comeback from the seller even if you take them to court. That is why ebay are always warning you not to trade outside of their website as they then can't protect you and you would not expect a warranty when buying a used car from an individual. If you do buy from one of these 'traders' ensure you receive a genuine invoice with the traders name and address that way if you have a problem and they won't help you can threaten to report them to HMRC for tax dodging that usually works. You have to ask yourself why these people don't have a shop or at least a website, seems a very shady way of dealing to us.

Where To Shoot - We are making it a priority this year to enhance our where to shoot page to give as much information on locations where you are able to take your crossbow. If you know of any local club, activity centre etc please let us know and we will contact them and if they are willing add them to the list.

Testimonials & Product Reviews - Having been in this market for over 12 years now we have a little experience on the way customers react to their perceived level of service and the fact is that very very few make the effort to contact you to say thank you even if they are thrilled with their purchase and their delivery arrived less than 12 hours from order. So it does surprise us how some of our competitors seem to have more reviews than Trip Advisor and from almost everyone who ever ordered from them. All we can think is that they must be very pro active in their desire to get the customer to commit to taking time to correspond. It also baffles us as to how they have not one customer who doesn't give a glowing testimonial, I am afraid that is not possible as you simply cannot please everybody and the disgruntled are the more willing to put keyboard to screen. The answer would be to only publishing comments made by customers who are willing to allow their email to be used, very tricky but it would prove it was a genuine quote not 'X are fabulous' by Paul. Remember the website has FULL control over what comments are visable even if you place them on the site yourself as they have to be 'vetted' before they go live, as you can imagine not many negative ones make it through. Also it is important to remember that just because a website is at the top of a Google search it doesn't make them the most most trustworthy or the best for that product or service.

One website we know of has nothing but but glowing endorsements on their own website but that is a different story on sites they don't control and posts on their own Facebook page. When deciding who to use as your supplier especially for reasonably expensive items it is always worth doing your homework, ring them (ensure a landline is available) is a good start make sure someone answers the phone and is from the same country. Check if they are listed on any of the manufactures websites of products they sell and check some independent review sites and always check the reviews left by customers without being asked by the company (you can check this by hovering the mouse under the stars on each review over verified order or just look at the first page not the most recent that is usually where the true reviews are) DO NOT take their word for how wonderful they are, we all think we are great not all of us are correct.

You can check out a companies independent reviews by genuine customers the most famous of these are www.uk.trustpilot.com and www.scamadviser.com. Give them a visit and by all means check our feedback but make sure you also check our competitors you might be surprised how some of them fare against their own website 'feedback'. A better way is to check the posts on a companies Facebook page if they have one, as once up comments cannot be deleted only responded to. You can get a good judgement of a companies customer service on the way they respond to these comments or reviews.

Christmas 2014 Orders & Deliveries  - We will be OPEN for business right up until 12pm Christmas Eve and if the product you order is in stock we are dispatching as late as the 23rd December for AM delivery on Christmas Eve!! Please feel free to contact us 9am - 8pm every day to check the status of any products you are interested in.

Christmas Returns – We have extended the usual returns policy to cover present purchases. All items purchased between 1st November 2014 and 24th December 2014, will have up to, and including, 8th January 2015 to be returned to us.  All items must not be used or assembled and returned with all parts and original packaging.  All items returned outside the standard 14 day from purchase distance selling regulations will be eligible for an exchange or credit only.  
Matrix Micros – We now have the new Excalibur Crossbows Matrix Micro crossbows amazing power and performance in such a small package. There is also a limited edition available from Excalibur called the MAD MAX it could be a good investment if their last limited edition the Relayer is anything to go by.
Game of Thrones – It will soon be time for the new series of our favourite fantasy series and this season will be very special for us as our whips will feature heavily with one of the new characters. If you are a fan and have maybe read George RR Martins book a Feast For Crows you will know that one of the Red Vipers daughters Obama Sand is an expert with a whip. In the new series it is her sister Nymeria that has the whip which she uses to excellent effect and it is our Kangaroo Bullwhip she will be seen using on screen, bit of a coup and we are all highly excited.
Walking Dead – Another of our favourites the undead menace are back for season 5 and it looks like Daryl still has his trusty Strykezone, the 350 is still available after the 380 has been replaced by the Solution.  The 350 is the one we provided to Norman Reedus (Daryl) when he appeared at last years UK Comicon for photo opportunities not fighting of the undead obviously.
Search Option – We already have full search ability on our very large range of crossbows so that you can breakdown the choice to suit your needs but we will soon have a new site search option to allow you to quickly look through the whole website for a specific item.
Proof of Age – Due to our on going tightening up of our systems you may be asked to prove you are 18 or over. This is simply to ensure that we do not supply very dangerous items such as crossbows to minors, we do check your details against the electoral roll but should we ask for proof it is a quick a simply procedure that should not delay the dispatch of your order.

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