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Parker Crossbows

The original Parker Crossbows was founded in 1984 by Robert (Bob) Errett, who remains today as CEO of the Company. Bob is a West Virginia native who began his archery career in 1975 with Bear Archery Company in Grayling, Michigan. During this period, Bob Errett was both an employee and friend of the legendary Fred Bear. In 1984, Bob left Bear Archery with the intention of starting his own company. The new company was Nationwide Archery, the forerunner of Parker. Nationwide grew rapidly to become a major archery supplier and arrow manufacturer, serving hundreds of archery dealers over the next 17 years. In 1996, the company's major attention was focused toward the manufacture of compound bows and by 2003 Nationwide Archery was merged into Parker. In 2002, recognizing the potential of crossbow seasons over the U.S. and Canada, Parker began developing a new line of crossbows. Parker's designs feature lighter weight, better balanced crossbows that include the technology of high performance compound bows.

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