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Shot Stoppa Cube Target

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The target is the most important accessory you can have for your crossbow as you need to retrieve your bolt and in good condition to use it again. You need a good target when using arrows or bolts that can cost in excess of £10 each and travel as fast as 400+ feet per second. Using the wrong type of target will result in damage to your arrows/bolts, difficult retrieval from the target and sometimes an inability to stop the arrow/bolt before it goes through and causes further damage. The best targets stop your arrow/bolts at the point end not by 'friction' or squashing the arrow/bolt as it enters. The more expensive bag or block targets come ready packed but this comes at a premium both in cost and weight, with the Shot Stoppa targets YOU FILL THEM YOURSELF WITH OLD CLOTHES, DUVETS & BLANKETS ETC.

The Shot Stoppa Cube 50 x 50 x 50 cm made from heavy duty 140gsm UV resistant nylon has 6 yes 6 printed sides for endless target shooting standard target faces and silhouetted hunting shapes. Simply place on the floor and shoot couldn't be simpler. 

TIP - Save on walking why not get 2 then when shooting at 30 - 40 yards you simply turn round and shoot back at the second target saving you a lot of shoe leather and shooting time.

This is a review from an experienced crossbow user who uses a crossbow that shoots at over 400 feet per second.

"Hi to all you crossbow enthusiasts, just a few words regarding the cube target. I purchased an Excalibur 405 & found that the bolts were penetrating to the fetching & beyond & I couldn't draw them out very well when using other targets which made me lose confidence using such a high poundage bow & resulted in it being left hanging on the wall. Anyway I had to order some other bits & explained what my experience had been, it was suggested I use the Cube filling it with rags, so on arrival I duly filled it with rags & I must just point out you do need quite a lot of rags anything like old clothes,towels, sheets etc. but it must be packed very tight so you can't get anymore in, I even stood on them as I filled it. I then shot the target from 15 yards & to my surprise it worked just fine stopping the bolt. I'm using the Diablo18" with field tip. So save yourselves £££ as the cube works just fine".

This is a video of the smaller bag being fired at by a 370ft per second compound crossbow (Man Kung XB52) with a 20" aluminium bolt at a distance of 10feet!!!

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