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Talisman Crossbows

Phil Abrahams is the founder of Talisman Crossbows. Phil is a Graphic Designer and Mechanical Design Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the trade. Phil first started making bespoke hand crafted sporting/hunting crossbows in 1988 for clients that wanted not only a hunting crossbow, but a highly unique sporting weapon; in the way it looked, handled and out performed all other high powered hunting crossbows. Phil knew he needed a crossbow with an outstanding attention to detail, coupled with very high power, outstanding accuracy and impeccable safety features. Phil set himself the incredible task of designing, engineering and building the perfect hunting crossbow, which would boast stunning beautiful good looks and ultra high power. It would need to be beautifully balanced, with impeccable accuracy and safety features all second to none. The ultimate crossbow of his dreams had painstakingly evolved over the course of seven long years and now this incredible bespoke crossbow has now become available to you to order today.

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