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Trigger Tech Single Stage Mission Trigger

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For the first time, we have solved the problem of friction and its negative effect on trigger feel. Since the beginning of trigger design, manufacturers have been trying to dampen the negative effects of sliding friction. This kind of friction causes heavy pull weights and creep - both of these characteristics decrease accuracy and user feel. 

Triggertech have successfully introduced a patent pending free-floating roller in the trigger system that sits between the latch/trigger and the sear. 

Their Frictionless Release Technology™ rids the trigger of friction, eliminating creep and heavy pull weights. This drastically increases accuracy and overall user feel.

In addition, there is no wear between the critical surfaces of the release. Theoretically, these triggers can be shot forever without any degradation of the key release surfaces. 

The amount of weight held by a crossbow trigger drastically increases the pull force and creepy feel. Triggertech miniaturized an invention they made for a military application and applied it to an Excalibur crossbow trigger. This led to immediate benefits of a:

  • Controllable pull weight 
  • Zero Creep trigger
  • Single Stage and a Two Stage release
  • Consistent release across volumes
  • Highly manufacturable product 
  • Increased safety: no pre-load issues and increased sear engagement

Unlike our the Triggertech two-stage trigger that allows you to pre-load before shooting, the single stage trigger is set at the wall and ready to shoot, uses a roller action to achieve the predictable, smooth, and clean frictionless release at 2.5- lbs., perfect for those looking for a simplified, quick and affordable upgrade over their factory trigger. 

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